Out of the Jaws of Death

Balasar the second

ser Jon

Sam the Tinkerer
William (Owner the pay up Front Wayside Inn)
Lizz (Daughter of William)
Alard and Anne (The Belching Boar)
Big Joanie
The Beggar
Abjurist Noja
Betty (Gatshadow mountains hardware store)

After fighting the wolves and the werewolf in the forest near Erast the party decides to recover taking a long rest. The next mornng they continue their travels towards Westruun.

After a few days they reach The Silvercut Roadway which leads from the coast to Westruun.
That night they stay at the Pay up Front Wayside Inn where the owner William and his daughter Lizz run things. The Inn offers food, drink a warm hearth and a goods nights sleep, also has a stables to rent out horses or to replenish them. Lizz is curious and asks a 100 questions, since the only other 3 guest are rough looking mercs keeping to themselves.

After a good nights rest they move one and the next few days meet scores of travellers heading to and from Westruun.

Westruun is a bustling city of most trades and intellectual pursuits. Built against the perimeter of the Bramblewood Forest near the base of the great Gatshadow Mountain, the city is easy to spot from quite a distance. Among the aged cobblestones and very busy roadways, the sounds of music from vagrant bards and nearby taverns mingles with the nearly ever-present winds and shouting of wares for sale from scores of merchant stalls. The city is divided in 5 districts: Opal District, Residential Row, Scholar Terrace, Temple Terrace or Temple Ward, and Tradesmeet.

The party heads for the Belching Boar Inn a very popular place in the Tradesmeet district. Here Ser Jon has his last memory. The inn is crowed with a good atmosphere. After asking the young innkeep (Alard) for information he points Obnox towards a big elder (in her late 40s) woman Joanie (Big Joanie) he takes a big tankard of ale and offers it to her, the woman takes a liking to him and start chatting as if they’re old friends. He decides to be bold and asks her if she recognizes ser Jon. She does yes telling him of they times she saw him here (she spends most of her nights in the Boar). Joanie tells of the last night she saw him here, a brooding unhappy man, roaring drunk he left the tavern after midnight and wasn’t seen till today. Nothing unusual happened inside the inn.

Obnox then steps outside to investigate the ally where the hooded man took ser Jon, and spots a begger across the street, he asks the begger about that nights event and after a hefty bride the beggar tells him he saw the smelly wizard taking ser Jon and dissapearing in thin air (both) he didnt see either of them till ser Jon showed up today (oh he sold his weapon which fell to the grond).

Heading back inside to talk with Joanie again he now asks about that smelly sickly wizard. Joanie does remember him, calling out to Anne (in the kitchen) for his name ‘Wendell’

She knows him (not well cause the man was arrogant, annoying and rude and had no friends), She does remember him bragging about having found a tomb which was gonna set him up in the world. After this he came less frequent and kept heading back to his find near the Gatshadown Mountain, it was after this that he became more and more odd and sickly and smelly (even worse then normal). She said that people called him a murderer (or suspected him to be one) blamed him for a few missing children in town but the city guard investigated him and found nothing, Joanie didn’t believe he was at the time. With enough info on had the party settles for the night and the next morning head into the district to buy some gear.

The Magic-Shop ’ Beyond the Veil’ is where they do their business with the Abjurist Noja and his wife. Here they buy several potions and rope which has no ending.
Many more interesting items the shop has, alas beyond their capabilities to buy (for now).

The Abjurist makes a deal for the rope, but the party promises to spend another 400gp when they return and he supplies them with the rope for a discount price. They agree to the contract (didn’t i say so? oops its binding gehehehe).

After this they head towards the Gatshadow mountain a 3 day journey on foot through the Bramblewood. The first night during Balasars watch a shade appears and alarmed Balasar investigates, but after 2 meters he stops shaking of the enchantment that pulled him in.

Before he can alarm they party the shade (specter) attacks draining life from him with his unnatural coldness. One by one the others wake up, they fight the undead with spell and blade and when it is destroyed another attacks, which is also defeated. Balasar is shaken by the attacks the draining takes its toll, and the party decides to travel at night and sleep by day till they reach the hamlet at the foot of the mountain. Balasar recovers but undead left its mark upon the party. It was a warning because the shopowner Betty tells them where they are heading its supposed to be haunted as well.

The ruins a 2 hour walk eastward up the foot of the mountain from where the road to the quarry splits (at the fallen oak) to the north. Reaching that point the next day they see the first signs of the ruins in mostly hidden by the growth of plants. When passing a large bush and grove of trees they see they old stairway leading up the side of the mountain, the way to the tomb?

- to be continued -




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