Out of the Jaws of Death

#10 - Entering A Dark Dark Place!

Meeting Gnarbog Bloodsnout

Balasar the second

ser Jon

Gnarbog Bloodsnout

Gatshadow Mountain

The party exploring the ruins notice a mule and a cart at the foot of the mountain, while checking for a way to the grand stairs that lead to the far away bridges and and their target Wendell, Weal’dyrr spots a 7+ foot tall hooded stranger with a longbow watching them at a distance about 500 meters away. The stranger is unlike any they have seen, his hands are covered in course hair and his hands are more like claws. He jumps of the the tree trunk on which he stood and walks towards the party. Closing the distance to about 250 meters. There he waits planting his glaive in the moist soil here takes an non threatening posture. Balasar decides to close the gap and walks closer hailing him as well. The stranger answers with a guttural beastly voice (in common). He sniffs at the group moving closer, he says that he was destined to be here. To meet the party but first the must finish their current quest. The stranger is a Gnoll and he says to Weal’Dyrr you have the mark seek me out i know what you should do (after you fight the wizard). The Gnoll is a Paladin of Bahamut called Gnarbog Bloodsnout…

Gnarbog warns of his kin inside the lost city laying in ambush guarding the bridge.
He also tells them the wizard is inside in the temple/tomb.

Zorn tries to get into the mind of Gnarborg, since being a Gnoll it should be evil, but Gnarbog is different, he claims to have no kin cause of this difference. That he follows Bahamut is proof of him being different from his kind. The party agrees that Gnarbog means them no ill will, yet they will keep an eye on him just to be sure.

Gnarbog leaves them be and moves off into the wild. The party moves on up the broken path mostly made out of stairs, the darven build road is partley destroyed but under the guidance of Weal’dyrr they safely travel up the mountain till reaching the first of 3 bridges close to a thousand foot drop looms underneath them as Rosco sneaks over the bridge to the Pilar like gate, he spots no guardians and with the howling wind tugging at the party the others also cross this bridge. Again they sent Rosco to investigate the nest bridge. He reaches the next gate without incident and again beckons for the party to follow, he again scouts ahead on the last bridge en into the crater that hides the entrence to a grand cavern complex nothing happens and when the party reaches Rosco again they see Gnarbog up on the crater watching them from a distance.


Outside the entrance they find a stash of gear, exploring gear like tools, rations etc. obviously left behind by Wendell. They enter the dark path leading deep into the mountain once again Rosco scouts ahead and after about half a mile he stops to signal the rest to join up, another long half mile ahead they see a faint light and ending of this pathway. A malevolent and very potent feeling of dread overcomes the party. They try to shake it of, some in the party succeed but not all of them…its alike a dark shadow clinging to ones soul.

The continue together and reach the end of the tunnel somewhat later. A great stone bridge
looms ahead crossing a deep chasm, it offers a look upon the remains of the dwarven city slightly from above. Many stairwells, bridges and buildings can be seen hidden among the stalagmites and stalactites. The most prominent feature is the temple at the far end of the cavern. It’s there that Wendell plans to undertake his vile ritual…

And again they sent Rosco ahead, with Weal’dyrr close on his tail giving cover, with Rosco sneaking towards the large pit and spotting 3 skeletal (still moving) remains of dwarves?. From their right side (area L1: Gnolls) rush in 9 or 10 gnolls and a fight starts. The gnolls attack relentlessly barraging the party with arrows and ever moving closer. The leader tries to get at Rosco he flees back to the party around the pit. Eventually with hel from all 10 gnolls lie defeted on the ground, with ser Jon having a brush with death they lick their wounds and seek a place of hiding to recover. Zorn having transported himself to the elevated area enters the abandoned building there, after 3 steps he feels sticky threads all around him and from the darkness loom 20+ eyes……


- To be continued…. -


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